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Learn & Play – For An Hour OR A DAY.

No Date Night December 22, Join us December 29th!

Sunday: 10am-5pm

Monday: 7:15am-8pm

Tuesday: 7:15am-8pm

Wednesday: 7:15am-8pm

Thursday: 7:15am-8pm

Friday: 7:15am-6pm

Saturday: 6pm-10pm (NO Date Night Dec 22nd)

Drop-In, Monthly Packages, & Scheduled Care

There are lots of ways we can serve your family at Dino Drop-In. We accept children 6 weeks to 13 years old. Registration takes less than 5 minutes and our Parent Portal makes checking in a breeze. Quality care for your little one has never been more easy and convenient.

Dino Drop-In is more than just emergency care for your little ones, we offer educational programming every day.

Enter your information now to save time at check-in & let the play begin!

Hourly Rates

$10.50/hr for children under 2

$9/hr for children over 2

$7.50/hr for siblings


Under 2

  • 50 hours/month $500
  • 100 hours/month $950

Over 2

  • 50 hours/month $425
  • 100 hours/month $800

Scheduled Care

Custom estimates available based on your schedule. Call 406-624-6150 and choose option 1 to learn more or click below and we will contact you.


At Dino Drop-In, we know that staying somewhere new can be difficult.  Our experienced teachers take the time to make sure that your child settles into their visit emotionally and physically, supporting their transition from your care to our center. Some children run in ready to seek a new adventure, others take a little longer to get acquainted with new surroundings. Either way, you can be sure that your child’s autonomy is maintained and their needs are met in a way that fosters a gentle connection.

Dino Drop-In is all about flexibility and ensuring that you have help available when you need it. Our parent portal allows you to register online when it suits you with a speedy process that parents love. Once you arrive at the center for drop-in, checking in is a simple entry on our tablet and a quick word with the teacher on duty. Once you are on your way Dino Cam allows you to view your child and see all the fun that they are having, while you take care of business.


Dino Drop-In delivers a mixed age curriculum that brings out the best in your child. Our program is structured into short sessions throughout the day that allow your child to get the most out of every learning opportunity. Our curriculum utilizes your child’s strengths to develop skills that foster creativity, problem solving, and independence.


Dino Drop-In teachers provide quality learning experiences through both structured and free play. Our Teachers are have all passed childcare background checks and are certified in First Aid and CPR. Ensuring the safety of your child is paramount at Dino Drop-In, which is why we take the time to choose teachers whom not only share the same teaching philosophies that we practice but those whose fun, attentive nature speaks for itself.

Dino Cam

All Dino Drop-In locations have secure cameras for parents to check in on their kiddos anytime. Get the password when you drop-in!

Trouble shooting?
*If the password isn’t working you may need to clear your cache.
*If the screen isn’t showing live video of Dino Drop-In Childcare Center, there is a direct link to the camera for each room below the screen.

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Playroom Dino Cam in North Bozeman.








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Snack/Nap Area Dino Cam in North Bozeman.