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There are lots of ways we can serve your family at Dino Drop-In. We accept children 6 weeks to 13 years old. Registration takes less than 5 minutes and our Parent Portal makes checking in a breeze. Quality care for your little one has never been more easy and convenient.

Dino Drop-In is more than just emergency care for your little ones, we offer educational programming every day through our Playschool program.

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What parents are saying about Dino Drop-In…

First time today with my 7 month old, and I was so happy seeing her playing when I was leaving and sleeping soundly in a baby carrier with the owner when I returned. I can only comment on one day but I’ll definitely have my kiddo come back when needed! Thank you ladies so much for taking such good care of my baby! ~MMS (5 star Facebook Review)

I LOVE THIS PLACE for my 8 month old. For 3 main reasons.
1. They have a camera you can watch on their website (with password of course), I love to watch my kiddo play while I’m on lunch break. It is also really nice to know that you and other parents are checking in through out the day. It just enforces that nothing is going on that they would not want you to see.
2. Everybody/everything is really clean. The ladies who own it and employees are so sweet and will take pictures of your kid and let you know how they did that day. The play area/toys are all clean and the day care is not cluttered at all.
3. No technology!! I hate that some day cares expect you to pay to have your child watch movies all day, it is not good for the them. If I’m paying I want my kid to socialize and play and have fun and get his energy out. Dino has no TVs and has a set schedule to keep the kids busy all day long.

Honestly, this place has made going back to work much easier. I know my baby is ok and having a good time and I am willing to pay for that any day!! ~RH (5 Star Google Review)

Check in was easy, pick up was easy, answered all my questions. Son had a lot of fun and wants to go back. We tried another place in around and this place is leaps and bounds better… ~AN (5 star Facebook Review)

Excellent care. Everyone there goes the extra mile to make sure kids are safe and happy. Diapers and noses stay clean, just like the facility. There is no place else I trust to care for my children. ~EDR (5 star Facebook Review)

As a stay at home mom who just needs a break a few hours a week this place is great. My two year old loves it, they are patient with his tears when I drop him off, and when I pick him up he is always very happy and telling me how much fun he had!~MO (5 star Facebook Review)

My kids love it here. The building is clean and not overly cluttered and the staff are attentive. I love that they have a schedule they follow so my little one still gets a bit of a nap, if needed. ~AH (5 star Google Review)