Dino Philosophy



Dino Drop-In allows access to our services on a casual basis, giving flexibility and reassurance to parents and an engaging and educational environment for children to thrive in. Drop-in services give parents the opportunity to use Dino Drop-In economically. Pay only for the hours that you use and there is no need to pre-book your spot. If a meeting or appointment suddenly appears on your calendar, you don’t have to worry about who will look after your children. Dino Drop-In teachers engage with your child to foster connection and inspire imagination, so we don’t use screens or television to entertain them.

Taking the best of a range of educational approaches, the Dino Drop-In philosophy focuses on a child-led, play-based approach to learning. Each day is structured into a schedule, which allows for plenty of time to play, create, and communicate. Learning opportunities underpin all organized activities, interspersed with free play to refresh the mind and get the wiggles out. At Dino Drop-in, we aim to be the place that your child asks to go to so that you don’t have to feel challenged taking care of other responsibilities.

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