The holidays mean kiddos out of school, great for connecting to the family and challenging, too. Parents often have work commitments and with littles on the loose it can get chaotic and frustrating for all. Here are some ideas to keep them engaged over the holiday break.

  1. Fort building…nothing makes breaks seem more like an exciting adventure than building. From simple blanket tents to cardboard castles. Let their imaginations run wild with the options to build their very own fort and the story that goes with it. Extra boxes, cardboard tubes, blankets, even extra wrapping paper are at our fingertips during the holidays and just waiting for a child’s imagination to transform them into grand adventures.
  2. Bring the outside in…sensory play is especially fun when you can involve temperature differences. Fill a big plastic container with snow and explore without the need for snow clothes; indoors. Lay out towels under the containers for comfortable seating and easy clean up, too. Trucks, measuring cups, funnels, ice cream scoops, and even cookie cutters all make for fun exploration. Mittens, optional.
  3. Go outside…even if your little one is too small to wade through much snow it is fun to be outside. Being pulled in a sled, shoveling, and snow painting are all favorites for my boys. What’s snow painting? Fill spray bottles or other squirters (like empty condiment bottles) with colored water and let your little ones spray away.
  4. Get together with friends. School breaks can be a tough transition, especially for kindergartners and preschoolers with new found friends. My son started labeling toys he used to love at B-O-O-O-O-R-I-N-G. Just add a pal and those same toys are plenty to keep him engaged and coming up with new ways to play. Join up for a play date or arrange group care so your littles can visit over the L-O-N-G holiday and you can maybe get a break, too.

Enjoy your holiday break and let us know what your favorite Boredom-Busting ideas are, too.

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