The CHIRP™ Study (Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention) is a new and comprehensive look at children’s health and the role that many environmental factors –like nutrition, chemical exposure, exercise—have on it. And it’s timely, as one in every two children have a diagnosed chronic health condition. We need your help to make the study work, please volunteer your time as a participant!

The study requires participants to complete an online survey about their child (hosted on a secure, HIPAA compliant platform). Questions touch upon all aspects of your child’s life, like medical history, lifestyle, pre-natal care and behavioral development. Responses are kept completely confidential, and your identity will never be revealed or linked with your data.

Parents/caregivers participating in this study will receive a FREE report personalized to their child’s health. This report lists the the health stressors (e.g. sugar, WiFi) and supports (e.g. organic food, non-toxic household cleaners) in your child’s life – some of which you may not yet know about as they are well hidden in our daily lives. We encourage you to share this report with your health practitioner(s); many don’t have the infrastructure to collect this level of information, and would welcome it!  In addition to the report, as a participant you will also receive generous discounts and promotions on health items (e.g. supplements, essences) AND you will have the privilege of contributing to cutting-edge scientific research aimed at better understanding the state of children’s health in today’s world. Data collected in this study will not only be used now, but also to help inform research projects aimed at preventing childhood illness and optimizing children’s health for generations to come.

Thank you for your dedication to children’s health! Please contact us with any questions:

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